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Sacred Listening A prayer for healing and unity.
Authentic Movement Description for listening to the body as a practice.
Sustaining the Attitude of Non-Grasping Incitement to bring your true nature into how you move through the world.
Getting to Know Your Prejudices Suggestions for reflecting on your prejudices and talking to someone about whom you hold a prejudice.
Exchanging Places A suggestion to see the "other" as "another you."
Healing Relationships: Dissolving Your Position Advice on honoring your feelings and needs while letting go of your self for your Self.
Listening to Your Fear Guidance for listening to yourself and another who is ill or dying.
Listen with Your Whole Being Counsel on listening to a friend who is struggling.
Listening to the Land A spur to listen to the natural world around you with all your senses.
Establishing a Motivation of Profound Compassion Reflection on the intention to relieve suffering.