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For The Wasteful Mary Gordon's unusual prayer for those who are wasteful.
The Second Coming of the KKK Insightful analysis of the scary impact of the KKK in the 1920s and its enduring legacy.
Lost in Paris A far-out romantic comedy with three eccentric and lovable characters.
Best of Enemies A documentary about the exchanges that started the trend of shouting matches passing themselves off as political talk.
Roots of Empathy A rousing explanation of the expanded role empathy can play in the lives of children.
Roots of Empathy Mary Gordon on empathetic kids as peacemakers.
Don Jon The strange spiritual journey of a young porno addict who shifts his perspective and is set on a different path.
The Happy Poet A laid-back green entrepreneur capitalizes on patience and perseverance in his quest to operate a successful organic food cart.
Solitude & Compassion Gus Gordon on living in an age when people can't bear being alone and are frightened of silence.
Home Mary Gordon on the first house she has ever been in love with.