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From the Upasakashila Sutra in Being Good If you keep your practice steady
Master Hsing Yun in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection Our debt to others
Being Good Master Hsing Yun on the nurturing of faith.
Being Good Presents an enlightening overview of ethics for everyday life based on the Dharma.
Let Go, Move On Venerable Master Hsing Yin on being grateful for the generosity of others.
Tending Life's Garden Master Hsing Yun on cultivating, calming, and using our tangled, tarnished minds.
Let Go, Move On Eighty essays on various aspects of Humanistic Buddhism.
Opening the Mind's Eye Buddhist practices and perspectives on the wheel of rebirth, change, and cultivating favorable conditions with others.
Humanistic Buddhism A succinct overview of the down-to-earth vision and practice of Humanistic Buddhism.