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Spirit of the Earth A treasure-trove of wisdom on the bounties of nature from Native American voices.
Indian Boyhood An appealing autobiography that introduces children to a great Native American leader.
Living in Two Worlds Charles Eastman (Ohiyesa) on silence as the cornerstone of character in Native American tradition.
Indian Spirit Ohiyesa's tribute to the spiritual practice of silence.
Living in Two Worlds An impressive and soul-stirring presentation of the life and writings of Charles Eastman, the first great Native American author.
The Sermon of All Creation Isaac the Syrian's writings on what is a charitable heart (book edited by Judith Fitzgerald and Michael Oren Fitzgerald).
The Spirit of Indian Women An exquisite collection of words and photographs of Native American women.
The Sermon of All Creation Quotations from Christian saints, writers, and thinkers on the wonders and glories of the natural world.
The Spirit of Indian Women Judith Fitzgerald and Michael Oren Fitzgerald on devotion from Polingaysi Qoyawayma (Elizabeth White), Hopi.
Indian Spirit Stirring spiritual quotations by olden-day Native Americans.