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Mystery A liturgy affirming that we are one with the One who is Mystery.
Love Wrap A petition for God's loving presence within you and surrounding you.
Woman Prayer, Woman Song Alternative worship services and songs on creation, liberation, and transformation.
Eucharist with a Small "e" On opening our eyes to see the spirit of Jesus in all people and in the wider world.
Paradoxology Miriam Therese Winter on how all is connected within the divine milieu.
Paradoxology A synthesis of spirituality and science that is impressive and provocative to the max.
Eucharist with a Small "e" A clarion call for Christians to live sacramental lives always giving thanks to God, telling their stories, and walking in the Way of Jesus.
The Singer and the Song An uplifting memoir.
The Gospel According to Mary Offers an eye-opening look at the life and ministry of Jesus as seen through the eyes of women.