Miriam Therese Winter is Professor of Liturgy, Worship, and Spirituality at Hartford Seminary, Hartford, Connecticut. Here are 18 liturgies divided into creation rituals, liberation rituals, and transformation rituals. This paperback also includes Winter's original songs that lend verve to devotional material. In her preface, the author states:

"It is important to affirm the distinction between primary rites and supplementary rituals. What is offered here is an alternative in addition to official worship, with the hope that our celebrational lives will be enhanced by our coming together more often to pray. The themes focus on integral values, seeking to reveal the rhythms of the universe that beat in the human heart."

We were inspired and uplifted by the rituals of Mystery, Epiphany, Valiant Women, Time, and Circle of love. The illustrations by Meinrad Craighead enhance these liturgies.