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The Hidden Dimension A celebration of the marvels which lie behind and beneath the world we call familiar.
Innocence A beguiling Australian film about the tender romance between two elderly individuals who remind us that each stage of life has its own kind of love.
A Woman's Tale A brave, bold, and life-affirming film about what Cicero called our play's last act.
Vincent: The Life and Death of Vincent Van Gogh A poignant examination of the creative and spiritual sides of this artistic genius.
Cactus A wonder-filled Australian film about a love affair between two people characterized by a blend of caring and sharing.
My First Wife Gives a tour de force performance as a man unhinged by the collapse of his marriage.
Man of Flowers An extraordinary psychodrama of a lonely man and his yearnings.
Lonely Hearts An endearing tale of the ways in which love comes in its own sweet time.