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Philip Toshio Sudo in Zen 24/7 We adopt the attitude of nodding towards everything
The Humble Heart The Humble Heart
Awakening at Your Computer Ten points of meditation on your keyboard.
Zen Computer Philip Toshio Sudo's meditation on the meanings suggested by some keys on a computer keyboard.
Zen Sex A good case for the transcendent communion that can take place in the act of making love.
Zen 24/7 A marvelous approach to everyday spirituality through the vehicle of a children's song.
Zen Computer A creative application of the ancient insights of Zen to the modern technology of bits and bytes.
Zen Sex Philip Toshio Sudo on being present in a tea ceremony.
Nodding in Thanks to Everything A way to adopt a grateful attitude.
Zen 24/7 A master teacher of the way of enlightenment makes everyday spirituality come alive.