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Streamers Conveys the toxic effects of the Vietnam war.
Buffalo Bill and the Indians Explores the interface between heroes, hypocrisy, and illusions in the Wild West.
A Prairie Home Companion A fine and funny movie that also gives us a keen sense of the impermanence of all creative endeavors and the fleeting nature of reality.
The Company A cinematic tribute by Robert Altman to ballet dancers who create poems with their movements across the blank page of the floor.
Gosford Park A witty and entertaining upstairs, downstairs drama set at a luxurious English estate over a weekend in 1932.
Dr. T and the Women A rambling drama from Robert Altman about what happens when a confident and happily married Texas gynecologist has his secure world rocked by the women he thinks should be treated as saints.
Cookie's Fortune A relaxed and amiable Southern gothic comedy of manners.
Kansas City A spunky film in a series of Robert Altman portraits of the failure of the American Dream.
Short Cuts A sharp-edged drama set in Los Angeles that captures and conveys the contemporary malaise of soul-sickness.
The Player A behind-the-scenes look at Tinsel Town.