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The Bank Job A spiffy heist flick that spins a complicated web of crime and reveals the importance of secrets to the rich and the powerful.
The World's Fastest Indian Portrait of an enthusiastic man from New Zealand who proves that age is no impediment to fulfilling his dreams.
The Recruit A fast-paced thriller about an intense young CIA recruit who has a yearning to be special and a dislike of mysteries that cannot be solved.
Thirteen Days Delves into the political, psychological, and social tension in the Cuban Missile Crisis and the power struggle between the Kennedys and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
No Way Out A stylish political thriller animated by its incisive portrait of secrecy, lying and power in Washington, D.C.
Marie: A True Story Features a blazing performance by Sissy Spacek as a woman who fought for her beliefs.
The Bounty An intricate layered character study and colorful adventure saga.
Smash Palace A revealing and involving Australian portrait of splitting up.
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