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Super, Natural Christians Sallie McFague on the hopeful Christian nature.
Life Abundant A call to stop fretting about God's role in evil and instead to consider our own responsibility.
Charles Birch in Life Abundant The rich must live more simply
Love is the discovery of reality Love is the discovery of reality
Life Abundant A soul-stirring theological work that calls Christians to be justice in a world of gross inequities and rampant selfishness.
Nature can be seen as the "new poor" Nature can be seen as the "new poor"
Super, Natural Christians A bold, imaginative, and deeply spiritual approach to loving the earth by seeing it as the Body of God.
Sallie McFague in Life Abundant The link between "natural" disasters
The Body of God Blows away the last vestiges of anthropocentricism which have plagued Christianity with disastrous consequences for the earth and its creatures.
To care for another To care for another