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Muhammad A fine portrait of Muhammad written for multiple generations and drawn from biographies, the Quran, and hadith.
Ayat Jamilah: Beautiful Signs A top-drawer collection of Islamic stories and folktales for families to read aloud and respond to with their hearts.
Harmony An excellent and much-needed collection of 24 stories offering a glimpse into China designed for parents and their children to read aloud.
Ayat Jamilah: Beautiful Signs Saadi's story of a thief who discovers what it really mans to be a rich man.
Kindness A Tibetan tale about how a monk's scowl turned into a smile.
Harmony Yà Miáo Zhù Zhăng's story about the danger of trying to push crops to grow faster.
Kindness An impressive collection of Buddhist stories and fables for children and parents to read out loud.
Muhammad Sarah Conover on surrender to dependence on God as one of the key elements of Islam.