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Before the Devil Knows You're Dead A tense crime thriller directed by Sidney Lumet that explores the dark side of sibling rivalry.
The Morning After A romantic murder mystery lifted by an emotionally affecting performance by Jane Fonda.
Night Falls on Manhatten Makes the important point that our values don't just determine what we do but who we are.
A Stranger Among Us A lonely and workaholic cop who goes undercover in a Hasidic community and finds her soul challenged in the process.
Q & A An unsettling film about the racial bigotry which permeates every facet of urban living.
Running on Empty One of the most poignant and edifying films made in the 1980s about the blessings and burdens of family life.
Power A provocative glimpse of the important role media experts play in the political process today.
Daniel A riveting film about the legacy of pain passed from one generation to the next.
The Verdict A hard look at the human havoc wrought by institutional incompetence and corruption.
Deathtrap A literate, swiftly paced, and engrossing screen adaptation of Ira Levin's Broadway smash.