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Joanna Macy in Peace Is the Way Look at the next person you see
The Human Being Walter Wink on Jesus teaching the disciples to find the power within themselves.
Jesus and Nonviolence Walter Wink on walking the nonviolent path of Jesus by taking on the challenge of loving our enemies.
Peace Is the Way Henri J. M. Nouwen calls us to say no to violence of heart and mind.
The Powers That Be Walter Wink on God's all-inclusive love.
The Human Being A subversive and substantive view of the incarnation and the challenges humans face as co-creators with God.
Jesus and Nonviolence A powerful and visionary work on loving our enemies and walking the nonviolent path.
Peace Is the Way A substantive and thought-provoking anthology on being a peacemaker from people who have walked the talk.
The Powers That Be A trenchant theological work about evil, politics, and redemption in our world.