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Coming Home An impressive Chinese melodrama about love, reconciliation, and the multiple meanings of home.
The Flowers of War An exploration of the nature of heroism and sacrificial love during the Japanese occupation of Nanking in 1937, from acclaimed Chinese director Zhang Yimou.
Curse of the Golden Flower A visually sumptuous action drama by Zhang Yimou, who proves himself to be the master of this medium.
House of Flying Daggers A triple threat as an amazing martial arts film, a sense-luscious drama, and a romantic love story that touches the heart.
Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles A heart-affecting Chinese film about an elderly man's journey of love that becomes a path of awakening for him.
The Road Home An impressive and deeply moving Chinese film about a daring and untraditional love affair in a small village in Northern China during the 1950s.
Not One Less An inspiring tale of a thirteen year old teacher that shows the link between courage and compassion.
Shanghai Triad Shows how an innocent and ignorant young boy is initiated into the violent ways of a group of gangsters.
To Live A sober view of Chinese life where the destinies of individuals are determined by forces beyond their control.