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Random Acts of Kindness Daphne Rose Kingma on the importance of the spiritual practice of kindness.
Practice Random Acts of Kindness Rabbi Harold Kushner on the value of performing acts of kindness.
What Is Hinduism? A rich and robust resource on the diversity, practices, rituals, and challenges of modern-day Hinduism.
The Community of Kindness A wonderful collection of stories and inspirational quotations.
Practice Random Acts of Kindness A collection of meditations, stories, and thought-piece quotations on the spiritual practice of kindness
What Is Hinduism? Editors of Hinduism Today Magazine on the practice of devotion.
Random Acts of Kindness A revised and updated edition of the 1993 book that started the random acts of kindness movement.
Buddha Laughing A collection of 85 comic takes on meditation, karma, reincarnation and enlightenment.
Grieving with Your Whole Heart A helpful and elegant collection of spiritual essays offering insights into grief and practices to do.
Prayer for Tolerance An earnest wish that our meaningless differences not be a means of harm.