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Murina An intense and well-acted psychodrama about misogyny.
West Side Story A dazzling version of the classic story of race conflict and undaunted love.
Come From Away An inspiring musical about the transformative power of hospitality and kindness.
Together An intense examination of the effects on a relationship of the COVID pandemic lockdown.
Ted Lasso A comedy series about sports as an arena for goodness, kindness, and hope.
The Argument A spunky comedy about a couple trying to finally settle an argument.
The Last Tree A compelling coming-of-age drama about a Nigerian immigrant in London.
Blame High school drama revealing the toxic impact of jealousy and competition.
All That I Am (Alt det jeg er) An emotionally touching documentary on the toxic damages of child abuse on the victim and those closest to them.
Hope Gap An old-fashioned drama about love and divorce that touches the heart.