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A Mongolian Tale Conveys not only the beauty of the Mongolian steppes, but also the moral beauty of hospitable hearts.
What can I do to get you to stop fasting? What can I do to get you to stop fasting?
Secrets and Lies Rings true with its deliciously ripe moments when people relax and reveal themselves in raw intimacy.
Stuart Little A fine and funny family film that adults will relish just as much as their children do.
Losing Isaiah Effectively dramatizes the clash of ideas and ideals in adoption cases.
High Tide A fine Australian film about the uneasy but hopeful relationship between a mother and the daughter she abandoned years earlier.
Flirting with Disaster A hysterically funny movie about sex, marriage, and the surprises that make life worth living.
The Italian Gritty Russian movie about a plucky and adventuresome orphan who sets out to find his birth mother.
Digging to America A delightful romp through the friendships of two very different American couples adopting Korean daughters.
Second Best Zeroes in on the tense but potentially rewarding relationships between fathers and sons.