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Joy True story of an inventor and entrepreneur whose quest for success is propelled by the unconditional love, appreciation, and encouragement of her grandmother.
American Hustle Another vibrant film directed by David O. Russell that is bursting with colorful characters, funny scenes, and standout performances.
Silver Linings Playbook A healing and hopeful dramady about friendship. love, family, and optimism that is one of the Best Films of 2012.
The Fighter A combination biopicture and dramedy that has us rooting for a working-class hero as he struggles to find his identity.
I Heart Huckabees A playful comedy that embraces the spiritual uplift of our connections with others amidst the muck of human separation that characterizes our present-day adventures.
Three Kings Spits in the face of war and salutes creative compassion as a healing balm.
Flirting with Disaster A hysterically funny movie about sex, marriage, and the surprises that make life worth living.