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We will be motes in the ocean again soon We will be motes in the ocean again soon
Dogma A far-out and phantasmagorical morality play about one woman's unorthodox odyssey of faith.
What Dreams May Come Starting out as an exploration of the imagination, the film ends with an eloquent statement about compassion.
Your former life Your former life
Make companions laugh Make companions laugh
Through the Forest (À Travers La Forêt) A hypnotic and intense masterwork on grief, the afterlife, and the yearning of the soul that can turn darkness into light.
The Collected Works of Chogyam Trungpa: Volume Six Brings together essays and talks on the nature of the mind, tantric experience, and the feminine principle.
The Others Acompelling and well-done anatomy of fear.
The Sixth Sense This psychological thriller is about a boy who sees dead people and the therapist who helps him.
Always A rousing adventure story, a romantic comedy, and an affecting afterlife fantasy.