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The Sixth Sense This psychological thriller is about a boy who sees dead people and the therapist who helps him.
Unbreakable An extraordinary movie which compels us to consider the mystery of our own goodness.
Lady in the Water A spiritual story that challenges us to deeply listen, to let its mysteries work on our hearts and souls, until we discover what part is ours to play.
The Happening An impressive thriller which acknowledges the mystery that lies behind the marvels and the terrors of the natural world.
Signs A spiritual shiver story about the meaning of coincidences, family solidarity in the face of the inexplicable, and how destiny unfolds in every moment.
Signs Insights into how to interpret lucky incidents.
Wide Awake This wonder-filled film proves that questions can be powerful allies on a spiritual journey.
The Village A timely and spiritually rich thriller about the dangers of a fear-based culture and the soul-stirring powers of self-sacrificing love.