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Dealing with Dog Days When it's hot and there's nothing new under the sun.
Being Present Practice A practice suggestion from the Brussat's Alphabet of Progressive Christian Spirituality.
Write a Winter Haiku A spiritual exercise to help you explore the moods and meanings of winter.
Holly W. Whitcomb in Feasting with God There is absolutely no need to run after time
Tao story in The Blessings of Imperfection A carpenter and his apprentice
Bettina Vitell in The World in a Bowl of Tea When Rityu, Japan's legendary sixteenth-century tea master, was asked the secret
Detox Dinner A recommendation for being fully present at least one dinner a week.
Zen Master Seung Sahn in Only Don't Know This is the correct Zen sickness
Anna Quindlen in A Short Guide to a Happy Life He stared out at the ocean
Lin Yutang in Zen and the Art of Anything If you can spend