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Different Seasons A book to savor on the Sabbath when you have the leisure to slowly ponder the spiritual wallop of small virtues.
Simple Confucianism Much material on what goes into the full flowering of a human being.
How We Behave at the Feast Makes a good case for courtesy.
A Code of Jewish Ethics Rabbi Joseph Telushkin on having good manners as a spiritual practice of kindness.
Transforming Our Painful Emotions Evelyn Eaton Whitehead and James D. Whitehead on the need for a robust spirituality of anger for healthy debate.
Choosing Civility Establishes the importance of kindness, courtesy, and manners in everyday life.
Sufism Cogent explanations of Sufi teachings and practices.
Heart, Self, and Soul Rich material on Sufism as a practical mysticism for the modern world.
The Community of Kindness A wonderful collection of stories and inspirational quotations.
Living a Life That Matters Provides insights into those qualities that give life meaning and value; faith, conscience, integrity, service, and doing good.