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Folding clothes peacefully Folding clothes peacefully
Clothing Exchange A call to swap or donate your clothes and accessories.
A Good Day for a Hat A clever picture book that encourages the spiritual practice of imagination.
Giving Old Clothes Away Considering new clothes as replacements for worn ones.
Alan Morinis in Every Day, Holy Day When Rabbi Menachem Mendel was ready
Margaret Guenther in My Soul in Silence Waits Julian of Norwich talks of putting on God
Sadie and the Silver Shoes A window into what it's like to not fit in and then discover a true friend.
Buy Something Strange to You A way to open to other cultures.
SARK's New Creative Companion Suggestions to draw out your creative spirit.
Everyday Justice A high energy and morally stirring work on the ethical decisions we make each day about food, clothing, driving, and shopping.