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The Ten Commitments David Simon on making a commitment to peace.
Living Kindness Donald Altman with a teaching story on vows.
The Ten Commitments Challenges us to use commitment and intention as a way of becoming all we are meant to be.
Where Justice Dwells Jill Jacobs on doing social justice as a spiritual practice.
Seeking Life Various meanings of baptism as a vehicle of transformation.
Mussar Yoga Edith Brotman on using zeal to fire our life's work.
The Gift of Years Joan Chittister on the challenges and blessings of old age in America today.
The Prayer Project A poem by Julia Butterfly Hill about love.
The Invitation Poignant and poetic words and meditations on making the most of yearning, joy, beauty, commitment and solitude in our lives.
(title not found) Mary Manin Morrissey on the meaning of faith.