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God likes help God likes help
Comfort in being a bridge-builder Comfort in being a bridge-builder
Driving to Nirvana Explores driving as a spiritual activity that enables us to practice being present, kindness, and unity.
Be tough the way a blade of grass is Be tough the way a blade of grass is
Community and the Politics of Place A proposal for what it would mean for corporations to be good citizens of a place.
Beads and Strands A discussion of the African ideal of communal togetherness and the many obstacles that still separate people.
Salons A guide to setting up a successful small group for conversation and community.
Community Use of Faith Buildings Urging collaborative and community use of worship spaces.
Interfaith Leadership The founder of Interfaith Youth Core on the identity, mission, vision, and key skills of an interfaith leader.
Powers of Two A celebration of the creative collaboration of pairs.