These lyrics to the tune of "My Country, 'Tis of Thee" put an emphasis on the practice of democracy: modeling ourselves after the ideals we would like to see our country embody. Try singing along and see if the words ring true to you. If not, create your own version.

My Sweet Democracry is written and sung by Micah Bucey, a regular contributor to Spirituality & Practice.

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My Sweet Democracy
(My Country, 'Tis of Thee)

My sweet democracy,
Teach me to disagree.
I need to learn.
Sweet concept left to die
If we won’t truly try,
Hold us accountable to higher
Things we must earn.

Strict ideology,
Let go and set me free.
You cage me in.
Give me a soul that yearns
Give me queer fire that burns
Till this whole country stops and turns,
Let my change begin.

Help me to take a knee.
Help bow my head.
Help me to lend a hand.
Welcome all to this land.
Help all of us to understand
Paths we haven’t tread.

Practice and meditate.
Who cares if we are great?
Let’s just be good.
It might feel trite and dumb.
Our legs and hearts might numb,
But if we’d try to overcome,
I’ll just bet we could.

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