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Once Upon a Time in Asia Father Richard T. Ouellette's story of hospitality (in a book compiled by James H. Kroeger and Eugene F. Thalman).
The Meaning of Tea The spiritual meanings to be discovered by drinking tea, according to Sen no Rikyu, as told by Scott Chamberlain Hoyt (in book edited by Phil Cousineau)
The Inland Sea Donald Richie on the rich Japanese understanding of beauty.
When All You've Ever Wanted Isn't Enough Reaps the wisdom of Ecclesiastes.
The Inland Sea A new edition of a classic book about Japan and its manifold mysteries, enchantments, and peculiarities.
Inspired Design Michael Dunn on beauty in Japanese art as a devotion to the small, the clean and the pure.
Zen and the Beat Way Probes this phenomenon during the 1950s.
Passing Strange and Wonderful An impressive book on the how what is considered to be beautiful vaires from culture to culture and generation to generation.
Do Parents Matter? A fascinating study of parenting in many cultures.
Zen and Zen Classics A delightful smorgasbord of writings by an Englishman who was a longtime student of Zen.