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Mahatma Gandhi in Encountering God I do not want my house to be walled in
Achieving a Truly Forgiving Heart A week-long practice for transforming your heart.
Birthday of Johann Sebastian Bach Celebrating the birthday of the renowned Baroque musician.
The Fundamentalist as "Other" Three responses to the question of how we allow are hearts to be "broken open" to those who are closed.
Exploring Other Recommendations for expanding your appreciation of other heritages.
World Book Day UNESCO's World Book Day promotes reading, publishing, and copyright.
Discover the Indigenous Story of Your Neighborhood Encouragement to learn the indigenous story of your neighborhood and to honor and preserve Native American culture.
Birthday of Marian Anderson (PDP) Observing the birthday of a celebrated contralto whose stature helped African-American artists overcome racism.
Jim Wallis in Who Speaks for God? How big is your we
Interview Family Members about Connections Exploration of your family's connections to other people and places through food, language, travel, sports and more.