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Everyday Tao Deng Ming-Dao on dance as part of the origins of Tao.
A Book of Hours Thomas Merton on forgetting ourselves and joining in the joy of the cosmic dance (in a book compiled by Kathleen Deignan).
Quantum Theology Presents a bold theological map where science, religion, psyychology, cosmology and spirtuality all whirl together in a stirring dance of connections.
This Little Light Sister Thea Bowman teaching Michael ONeill McGrath how to see himself as a beautiful person.
The Inner Journey A collection of essays and interviews on the spiritual philosophy of G.I. Gurdjieff, a teacher of transformed consciousness.
Something in the Way She Moves A fascinating overview of this phenomenon.
Tap Dancing in Zen Lively dharma talks about peace, humility as joy, the art of relaxing in the world, emptying ourselves of hatred and ill will, and why vows matter.
The Invitation Oriah on the joy that comes unexpectedly and dazzles us with all the wild possibilities.
Evidence Mary Oliver's poem about eternal joy.
A Yoga of Indian Classical Dance Insights into women temple dancers, the nine falvors of Indian drama, and the synthesis of yoga and dance.