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Deliver Us from Eva A film on transforming enmity by beginning with changing ourselves.
The Ultimate Gift A parabolic film about one selfish young man's spiritual transformation.
Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa Steve Coogan in a frisky English comedy that clicks.
The Vanished Empire A Russian film about a self-absorbed youth who is driven by an insatiable yearning to have whatever he wants.
The Prestige A dazzling and spellbinding tale about the intense rivalry between two magicians in London.
Molly's Game A dramatic meditation on risk and what it takes to be a winner in the world of high-stakes poker.
A Space Program A whimsical documentary on a performance art/sculpture about sending two women astronauts to Mars.
A Bigger Splash An erotic thriller exploring sexual politics among four colorful characters on an idyllic island.
Despicable Me A spunky 3D animated feature that shows how a supervillain can follow his heart and be transformed from within.
For Your Consideration A very funny satire on the Hollywood hype machine and the worthless junk it spews into the universe about movies.