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The Rights of the Elderly A prayer of love and reverence for elders.
The Kindness of Elders Advice on appreciating your role models.
Giving Yourself the Gift of Forgiveness Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and Ronald S. Miler on giving yourself the gift of forgiveness.
Old Age A Celtic blessing for those who are growing old.
The Face of God A teaching story a young boy told Megan McKenna after one of her workshops.
Recognizing God as Already with Us The difference between looking for, and finding, God.
The World's Celebrations A catalyst for enriching your life with rituals from other cultures.
National Grandparents Day DVDs that celebrate the vital connection between grandparents and grandchildren.
Anniversary of the Signing of the Social Security Act (PDP) The anniversary of the federal law which provides retirement benefits, disability insurance, and support for the disadvantaged.
Diploma in Not Knowing Emptying your mind of conventional sense.