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Pride Month Resources for celebrating LGBTQ+ rights.
21st Century God An expression of the desire to know and embody God's praiseworthy qualities.
Elitist Privilege A prayer to fight for equity for everyone and to fulfill our responsibilities to those who are poor, needy, or weak.
Witness-Bearers for Justice A Unitarian Universalist prayer for justice.
Anniversary of Integration at Central High in Little Rock (PDP) Recalling the courage of the Little Rock Nine at Central High School.
Juneteenth Celebrating the promise of freedom and equality.
Lama Surya Das in Awakening the Buddhist Heart If you raise even one hand in a gesture of reverence
Birthday of Adlai Stevenson (PDP) Exploring the vision of the American politician, governor, and UN ambassador.
Judging Equally Using the same criteria for others' behavior as for our own.
Model Equality in Gender Roles How to practice the democratic value of equality in gender-equal parenting.