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The Left Hand of God Michael Lerner on the joys and benefits of social responsibility.
Ethics of The Sages Wisdom from ancient sages on walking the path of holiness which makes us more human.
A Faith Worth Believing Ventures out of the cramped and confining beliefs of parochial Christianity into more expansive and mysterious territory.
Merciful Meekness Examines the implications of meekness and mercy, two spiritual attributes advocated by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount.
The Wisdom of Judaism Dov Peretz Elkins on the value of well-meant criticism.
Justice Contains the Catholic scholar's overview of this important spiritual practice.
Living Kindness Wisdom that can give life meaning and increase the blessings in our lives.
There Is No Messiah and You're It Presents a radical case for repairing the world right now as part of our calling as God's sons and daughters.
Spiritual Questions for the Twenty-First Century Essays by twenty-five contributors on the eclectic works of this Benedictine sister and her socially engaged vision of Christianity.
Spiritual Guides for Today The writings of six teachers worthy of the attention of Christians.