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Joseph Telushkin in The Book of Jewish Values My wife and I periodically try to engage
True Fast Ways to fast from much more than simply abstaining from food and drink.
Ramadan Mubarak The significance of this month in the Islamic calendar when Muslims fast and intensify their spiritual practices.
A Fasting Prayer Exercise Encouragement to be more conscious of those in need and to share with them.
Thomas Keating in Divine Therapy & Addiction It's worthwhile to question our motives, even for noble acts.
Fasting of the Tongue A chance to refrain from hurtful language.
Fasting of the Heart A practice for keeping God in your heart.
Fasting Is Meditation for the Body A way to understand food as a veil over feelings.
Lalla in Naked Song When you eat too much
Beggar's Bowl for Fasting Letting your hunger be a prayer for those in need.