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To Build the Life You Want, Create the Work You Love A story about imagining our ideal and then holding it before our eyes as inspiration.
Medicine Walk The dawning of a son's understanding of his father.
A Hug Is for Holding Me An account of the many ways hugs appear in nature to remind us what love provides.
There, There A very welcome children's book featuring a male character who is an emotional caregiver.
Meeting Trees An introduction, through a father-son walk, to some of the most common species in a climax hardwood forest.
Effwords Punchy parables for meaning makers.
My Dad Thinks He's Funny A children's picture book about a light-hearted father who cracks jokes.
At the Corner of East and Now An illustration of eternal life bursting into the present moment.
I Will Not Die an Unlived Life A poem and a tale expressing how the practice of zeal can grow out of grief.
Hunting for Hope A veritable treasure trove of wisdom served up with love, imaginative verve, and spiritual sensitivity.