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Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone Discussion Guide to the movie based on the bestselling book Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone. Recommended for use by families and intergenerational viewing parties.
The Best of Friends A lovely and literate exploration of how friendship can spiritually enrich one's life.
Simon Birch A rare and wonderful testament to the ardor and resilience of faith; in these times that is enough to cheer about.
Western This richly satisfying French movie takes the archetypal road story into some uncharted territory.
Career Girls A convincing drama about two friends who try to keep their relationship together despite all the obstacles.
Heavy Explores the same kind of territory pioneered in the short fiction of Raymond Carver.
My Antonia Celebrates the enduring bond between two people who are drawn together by tides of feelings which go beyond words.
Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken Tells the true story of a runaway orphan who gets a job in a traveling stunt show.
Cocktail Molotov An exploration of the generation gap and the sexual revolution in the lives of three displaced individuals.
Bagdad Cafe An exotic celebration of the beauty of human personality and friendship.