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Things Hidden Addresses some of the great themes of the Bible including grace, mystery, and power.
Saved by a Poem Jane Hirshfield's poem on silence and mystery.
A New Kind of Christianity Brian McLaren on the violent and judgment God worshiped by Fundamentalist Christians, Muslims, and Jews.
Messages In the Mall A sagacious collection of columns advocating Christian kindness and hospitality in these contentious and uncivil times.
Globalization, Gender and Peacebuilding A strong case for the importance of interfaith dialogue.
Islam Reveals the inner wellsprings of Islamic compassion as well its thirst for justice, hospitality, courtesy, and devotional richness.
Practicing Peace in Times of War Pema Chodron on anger and self-righteousness as the shadow side of peace.
The Huston Smith Reader A wonderful crosscut of writings from Huston Smith from the past 60 years.
Practicing Peace in Times of War Poignant insights and down-to-earth spiritual practices to bring peace to our private and public lives.
Islam in the Modern World A balanced and bright overview of traditional Islam and its attempts to keep faith alive in the face of modernism and fundamentalism.