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Directors' Statement on Jesus Camp The film directors' commentary on two parallel Americas.
For the Bible Tells Me So An important and edifying documentary that can convince many to open their hearts and their minds to support gay and lesbian equality.
Rock of Ages A peppy screen version of the Broadway musical that will get you humming along to your favorite 1980s pop and rock songs.
Young Ahmed (Le Jeune Ahmed) An intense and sobering portrait of both sides of the spiritual practice of zeal.
Circumstance An engrossing Iranian film about the familial clash of values of a sister seeking freedom and pleasure and a brother who is zealot for Islamic fundamentalism.
Agora This fascinating tale transports us to a place we've never been before and impresses us with the importance of hospitality and openness to the other.
The Stoning of Soraya M. A graphic depiction of horrors inflicted on an innocent Iranian woman due to a fatal combination of patriarchal society, tribal traditions, and Islamic fundamentalism.
Save Me A film with the potential to build bridges of understanding between gays and the Religious Right.
What Will People Say A riveting drama about the toxic energy that fundamentalists can unleash on those they want to control.
The Women's Balcony A well-done religious drama set in Jerusalem where the members of a small synagogue confront changes demanded by a fundamentalist zealot.