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A Month by the Lake A thoroughly enjoyable love story set at an Italian resort by Lake Como in 1937.
Mac An intense consideration of work, a subject that is routinely given short-shrift by most American filmmakers.
Ode to Joy A comedy that encourages viewers to reflect on what makes them happy.
Happy-Go-Lucky A joyous film about a free spirited enthusiast that will lift your spirits.
My Life as a Dog A 12-year-old boy copes with death by remembering a beloved golden laugh.
Year of the Dog A comedy about a lonely young woman who follows her bliss and finds all she needs in the companionship of animals.
Thirteen Conversations About One Thing A graceful film which explores the obstacles to happiness faced by five contemporary individuals in New York City.
Something New An accomplished African-American woman falls in love with a laid-back white man and realizes he is interested in her true self when he paints her toe nails with a bright red polish.
Yellow Submarine The 1968 animated classic by the Beatles as their declaration of independence.
This Is My Life On balancing a parent's need for fulfillment in a career and the child's need for attention.