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The Eagle Has Landed An adaptation of Jack Higgins' best-selling novel that is filled with the kind of suprises and reversals which are at trhe nub of all good suspense stories.
Con Air An adrenaline-pumping action drama with some special surprizes.
Hercules A spiffy, fast-paced animated film with a few inventive takes on the nature of heroism.
Rob Roy A fine and fetching swashbuckling drama with equal doses of heroism and love.
Alien 3 A scary thrille with Sigourney Weaver as a tough woman warrior.
The Neverending Story An above-average children's flick with interesting characters and an imaginative premise.
For Your Eyes Only Keeps the James Bond tradition in good form.
Raiders of the Lost Ark A rip-roaring adventure story with a hero of epic proportions.
Bronco Billy Depicts a genuine screen hero who incarnates the place that cowboys occupy in our slow moving dreams.
Moonraker A freefall of fun-filled entertainment.