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Christmas, Again A realistic and revealing portrait of a lonely young man selling Christmas trees on a street corner.
Rise of the Guardians An unusual tale about a playful free spirit who is thrilled to become a Guardian who watches over children.
Nothing Like the Holidays Vividly conveys the happiness and the heartbreak of a Puerto Rican family gathered together to celebrate Christmas.
The Fitzgerald Family Christmas A holiday drama that depicts the miracle of forgiveness in the midst of a storm of familial conflict and misunderstandings.
Dekalog: Three A drama about the challenge and responsibility of making the Sabbath holy.
The Tenth Man Another engaging and insightful drama by Argentinian director Daniel Burman on the pitfalls and perils of father-son relationships.
Four Christmases A hilarious comedy about the stress, the embarrassments, the squabbling, and the lessons learned on visits to our families during the holidays.
Planet of the Humans A delusion-shattering documentary on how the environmental and green energy movements have been taken over by capitalists.