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Invisible Heroes Belleruth Naparstek on using imagery as a healing tool.
Ceremonies for Change Lynda S. Paladin on prayer flags.
The Encyclopedia of Mental Imagery Collette Aboulker-Muscat on how there is no motion without emotion.
Kneeling with Giants Gary Neal Hansen on using Agnes Sanford's approach of imagining the process of healing.
Plant Spirit Medicine A process from shaman Eliot Cowan for opening to a plant spirit first outdoors and then through in a dream state.
Guided Imagery for Healing Children and Teens Presents ways this healing force can be used to relieve pain, combat stress, and strengthen the immune system.
The Little Book of Light Mikeala Katherine Jones on seeing yourself as a glorious radiant sun.
Daily Aromatherapy Joni Keim and Ruah Bull on experiencing joy when using the essential oil of Orange.
Creating Time An imaginative look at creativity as a shape-shifter that can alter our understanding of time.
The Encyclopedia of Mental Imagery An incredibly helpful collection of 2,100 visualization exercises by a master teacher.