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A Prayer in Support of Immigration Reform Voice of Freedom, many immigrants living in the United States have expressed the desire to become citizens. We understand and applaud their aspirations. Survey: 63% of Americans say they su…
Across the Sea of Time A vivid and dramatic portrait of New York past and present that will enchant and enthrall New Yorkers and tourists alike
Imagination is Never a Sin By Po-Ting (Duke) Lin My great-grandmother used to tell me, “Imagination is the true eyes of one’s mindset.” She often claimed, in a matter-of-fact tone, that this was the sole rule she fo…
Asylum, Refugees, and Migration A hadith and prayer on helping and protecting refugees.
Jesus Was a Migrant Deirdre Cornell on the communion line at church as a migration.
The Class A rounded and revealing portrait of a French teacher in a multiracial Parisian school and the challenges he faces in the classroom.
A Prayer for Those Deported in 2012 O Dweller in the Heart, we pray for the 11.7 million undocumented immigrants in the United States who live in constant fear of being deported. Fact: A record number of 419,384 deportations took p…
America for Americans Why xenophobia is the gravest threat to American society today.
Visits to Courts, Prisons, and Detention Centers An invitation to get informed and involved in your community's criminal justice system.
The Border A vivid and earnest performance by Jack Nicholson that holds the film together.