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Bring Me the Rhinoceros John Tarrant on the meaning of not picking and choosing but accepting what's happening as right.
Bring Me the Rhinoceros Brings to life the practice of using enigmatic queries to encourage curiosity and uncover a hidden kindness in life.
The Flowing Bridge Astute and enlightening commentary on essential koans used by Zen masters with their students.
The Record of Empty Hall A lively collection of classic koans for the non-specialist to practice awakening.
The Diamond Sutra Commentary on this Buddhist religious classic.
Zen Traces Koans from Zen Buddhists combined with wisdom from American writers.
The Garden of Flowers and Weeds Two intriguing scenes from the life of a Zen master.
The Record of Empty Hall A koan exploring dimensions of kindness.
One Blade of Grass A memoir by a young seeker on the Zen path.
The Inner Journey Poems, essays, and spiritual teachings about the heart of Buddhism.