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Send-Off A ritual for someone who is going off to college.
E. B. de Vito quoted in Divine Things by Robert Kirschner We always find ourselves in others
Ahhh! A call to celebrate everyday marvels.
Silent Retreat Suggestions for going on retreat or doing your retreat at home.
Moments of Silence Recommendations for making moments of silence in your day.
Holy Ground Acknowledging that the place where you live is holy ground through the spiritual practices of connections, gratitude, meaning, and attention.
Connection to a Special Place Expressing and remembering your connection to a special place.
Transition Times and Spaces How to use the moments when you find yourself one of those between spaces and times to be present to God and prepare for what's next.
Barry Lopez in The Rediscovery of North America When we enter the landscape
Bill Moyers in A World of Ideas When I learn something new