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Words and Pictures A romantic comedy filled with epiphanies about love and the ways in which the creative process can be revived by soulmates.
The Eye of the Storm An engrossing screen adaptation of a 1973 novel by Nobel Prize-winning author Patrick White about a dying matriarch and her two spoiled adult children.
The Russia House
The Russia House It takes courage to live by old virtues.
It Runs in the Family Reveals that it is in the little details of life that parents and grandparents and children find enough hope, happiness, and bravery to make meaning in the midst of all the interruptions and confusion…
Last Orders A sterling drama about four Englishmen who make a pilgrimage with the ashes of their departed buddy.
Fierce Creatures A rollercoaster ride of comic pranks.
I.Q. Tailor-made for lovers of romantic comedy.
Six Degrees of Separation A thought-provoking screenplay, tart comic energy, firecracker surprises and a spiritually vibrant finale.
The Russia House A love story set amidst the ruins of the Cold War.