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The Russia House
The Russia House It takes courage to live by old virtues.
The Eye of the Storm An engrossing screen adaptation of a 1973 novel by Nobel Prize-winning author Patrick White about a dying matriarch and her two spoiled adult children.
Last Orders A sterling drama about four Englishmen who make a pilgrimage with the ashes of their departed buddy.
Plenty A highly involving anatomy of disappointment in the life of an idealistic, proud, and strong-willed woman.
Words and Pictures A romantic comedy filled with epiphanies about love and the ways in which the creative process can be revived by soulmates.
I.Q. Tailor-made for lovers of romantic comedy.
Iceman Both an adventure yarn and a peep into our evolutionary past.
Six Degrees of Separation A thought-provoking screenplay, tart comic energy, firecracker surprises and a spiritually vibrant finale.
A Cry in the Dark A chilling drama about a miscarriage of justice in a case created by religious prejudice, media sensationalism, legal chicanery, and police ineptitude.