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Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal Instructions for and an example of how to collaborate on a biography.
The Book of the Moon A fact-filled and creative look at the moon by the BBC's "face of space."
The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs How to use a stepping-stone approach to read signs in nature.
Moon Wisdom A useful resource about the ways our Moon is a faithful companion.
Feathers for Peacock A colorfully illustrated story about how the Peacock got his distinctive tail.
Love Is a Stranger Jelaluddin Rumi's poem on questing through the darkness.
Moon Bath Bathing rituals aligned with the rhythms of nature for nurturing your body, mind, and soul.
A Nature Poem for Every Night of the Year Poems that remind us why we treasure and must look after nature.
Magical Self-Care for Everyday Life A nurturing journey through an eclectic mix of body, mind, and spirit interventions.
Learning to Walk in the Dark A study that models the questing spirit of creativity, openness, and playfulness in an examination of the manifold meanings of re-learning to walk in the dark.