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Martin Luther King, Jr. in Living Peace The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.
Andre Gide in The Wise Heart Joy is rarer than sadness
Cornel West in Soul of a Citizen The distinction between hope and optimism
Harvey Cox in When Jesus Came to Harvard Like the generations of rabbis who came before him
Jerome Bruner in Small Wonder Humans are driven to invent moral criteria
Thomas Moore in The Education of the Heart Deepen our ethical vision and responses
Harvey Cox in When Jesus Came to Harvard When it comes to a moral dilemma
Edward Hays in Prayer Notes to a Friend Bartender Prayer
Joseph Goldstein in Transforming the Mind, Healing the World We cannot divorce spiritual practice from everyday actions . . .
Living in Two Worlds Charles Eastman (Ohiyesa) on silence as the cornerstone of character in Native American tradition.