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Letters to My Son A call to risk the unknowns of traveling for the sake of the benefits to be gained.
How to Make the World a Better Place Good reasons for not overprogramming children.
Beautiful Shades of Brown The true story of an African-American artist whose love of her craft brought her paintings to the National Portrait Gallery.
When You Are Brave Heartwarming encouragement for transitional times and other life challenges.
The Gifted Generation An overview of how the U.S. government responded to the Baby Boomers.
Soul Mates A view of longing as a nutrient for the soul.
Transforming Problems into Happiness A training technique to help you transform problems into happiness.
Children's Books for Support during the Pandemic Whimsical and wise tales about appreciating nature, dealing with emotions, embracing loss, staying home and other topics relevant to the COVID-19 crisis.
Brothers and Sisters A delightful book about the happiness siblings bring, even when they're sometimes a nuisance.
Embers What it means to recover.